Discover Lofoten Planet with us and feel like home. Our Basecamp is a perfect place for likeminded people ready to explore Lofoten’s hiking eldorado at the entrance to Lofotodden National Park.

We are Agata and Erwin, local entrepreneurs and dedicated hosts. We would love to get to know you and to share our passion for Lofoten and outdoor life with you.

Lofoten Planet Adventure

We have a big focus on sustainable tourism and we are a certified Eco-Lighthouse business. Together with carefully selected partners we create specially designed packages that include different activities within hiking, photography, yoga, mindfulness and coaching. This, combined with meeting local residents, responsible travel, and taking care of our nature, creates space for reflection, transformative experiences, and personal development.
Join us on the adventure and explore yourself in this spectacular place on earth. Feel free…

Lofoten Planet BaseCamp

When you enter our charming, modern and vintage furnished place, you will immediately sense its special and intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like being in your own Lofoten home. Our place is a convenient base camp from which you can explore the most beautiful part of the Lofoten islands.

Lofoten Planet #7 2B a fisherman in Lofoten

What does it take to be a fisherman in Lofoten Islands? There are only two ways I think. First: you have to be born here and continue a family tradition. Second: you have to move in to the islands, get accepted by local society and find a skipper willing to trust you. Many want to try, few are chosen. My friend Leon is the chosen one and I was the lucky one to join them on their very last day of the season. Team work seems to be the highest value on board, but what impressed me most was the unique bond between the skipper and the crew. I’m sharing some of those moments with you over here – enjoy..

Lofoten Planet #6 Rafting to Refsvika cave

One of the highlights of the Lofoten Islands is deep sea rafting through famous and dangerous Maelstrom “Moskstraumen”. While crossing Maelstrom you will have a chance to admire wild life of the Lofotens’ sea and air. Finally you will get to the outer coast abounded village of Helle and  than Refsvika where you will have to hike to Refsvika cave with approximately 3000 years old cave paintings. The cave is a protected sight and available only with certificated operators. Great Adventure!

Lofoten Planet #5 Kvalvika beach in winter

Kvalvika is one of the the Lofoten Islands’ most popular hikes and beach spots. When in summers visited by multiple hikers, in winter gets more quiet and cosy. We love it than! Winter hikes are usually much more challenging due to unpredictable weather conditions and depends on snow, wind and daylight hours. Remember to prepare suitable clothing and equipment, specially during short daylight months. Sometimes it might get very windy on the beach and there is very low mobile network there if any at all. Safety first. We are sharing with you a video from our hike in January. We were lucky to have great and quiet weather conditions, but I promise you we had other winter trips to Kvalvika where we had to struggle at least like guys trying to reach K2 😉

Lofoten Planet #4 Diving the MS Hadsel

Wreck diving in Lofoten? Oh yes.. and MS Hadsel is a must. This Norwegian ferry was one of the Hurtigruten ships. They were essential for communication in Lofoten before the first road was build. The ship went down in 1958 during the winter storm and within 15minutes reached the bottom just outside Hamnøy island.
Thanks to our friends from Lofoten Diving ( we could travel in time to visit this «out of space» ship.