Lofoten Planet #7 2B a fisherman in Lofoten

What does it take to be a fisherman in Lofoten Islands? There are only two ways I think. First: you have to be born here and continue a family tradition. Second: you have to move in to the… Read More

Lofoten Planet #5 Kvalvika beach in winter

Kvalvika is one of the the Lofoten Islands’ most popular hikes and beach spots. When in summers visited by multiple hikers, in winter gets more quiet and cosy. We love it than! Winter hikes are usually much more… Read More

Lofoten Planet #2 Hike on Mannen

If you feel like easy Sunday hike we strongly recommend getting to the view point of Mannen mountain. This peak is located between famous Haukland and Uttakleiv beach on Vestvågøy island. Anybody can do it even after Saturday… Read More

Lofoten Planet #1 Hike over Bjørnsand

After a few weeks of being extremely busy we finally found time for another little adventure. We decided to hike one of the tops on the outer coast of Vestvågøy island. Even though we are hiking in Lofoten… Read More

Lofoten Planet #0 Winter hike on Stornappstinden