The National Geographic Traveler rated the Lofoten Islands the third most appealing islands in the world. Why? Excellent nature attractions, rich marine life in crystal clear waters, white beaches and magnificent light conditions. Midnight sun and the magical northern lights are only available above the arctic circle.
Here you will find small picturesque fishing villages with red fishermen’s cabins and local restaurants serving delicious local food. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts who love active outdoor life. 
Go hiking, diving, kayaking, ski touring, biking, climbing, ocean rafting, fishing, surfing, camping or even play golf. Travel back in time and visit excellent museums and art galleries.
By staying with us at Lofoten Planet BaseCamp you can experience amazing mountains, the life of our fishing villages in Moskenes during Lofoten Fishery season, visit the lighthouse of Glåpen and many other beautiful places that are accessible on foot. Only 3 kilometers away is the famous Å i Lofoten with its Norwegian Fishing Village Museum and old bakery.
Reine and the spectacular Reinefjord is few kilometers away – there, you can experience a real kayak adventure. Padling deep into the fjord you will admire the eagles flying overhead, and with a little luck, also orcas swimming around. 
Near Reine, you can climb the famous Reinebringen. The view from the summit is one of the most recognizable motifs in social media and websites promoting Norway.
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