Getting here

We hope this information will help you to plan your trip.
To get to the Moskenes Island from the mainland we recommend the ferry connection Bodø – Moskenes. The timetable and prices are available at: . The ferry dock is located 2,5 km from the lodge and you can get to our place by bus, taxi or by walking.
The timetable for buses is available at Search the following connection:  from «Moskenes» to «Å i Lofoten» which is the last village on E10 road. Our bus stop in Sørvågen is by the school, just 1 min walk from our lodge. If you have planned your travel more than a month ahead, please check the timetable again closer to the departure date. This is due to possible changes.
You can also order  Moskenes Taxi +4790909190 (about 200 NOK – advanced booking required) or rent a used car with at the ferry dock in Moskenes.
You may also fly from Bodø to Leknes with or the whole way from Oslo – Bodø – Leknes with
From Leknes you can rent a car with many of the international networks for car rental like Avis or Hertz or catch a bus from Leknes to Sørvågen (in Moskenes municipality).
If you arrive at Evenes airport you can also rent a car or catch a bus. 
Find more Information about Lofoten Islands here: 
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